Rubber Drive Roller #1035 (Z35)


The 1035 (Z35) Rubber Drive Roller is the main rubber wheel inside every AMS Retriever®. Its function is to grab the line when the trigger is pulled back and force it into the Retriever bottle. The 1012 (Z12) Brass Drive Gear is the piece between the handle and rubber drive roller. As the handle is turned the brass gear causes the rubber drive roller to turn inside the reel.

WARNING – California Prop 65


If your handle will not turn properly, your stripper 1031 (Z31) needs adjustment. Before replacing the rubber drive roller 1035 (Z35) or the brass drive gear 1012 (Z12), try the following procedure:

To adjust your Stripper 1031 (Z31), loosen but do not remove the screw above it 1004 (Z4), Trigger Screw,  and below it 1003 (Z3), Stripper Screw. Push the Stripper 1031 (Z31) downward toward the bottom of the Retriever body until the handle won’t turn. Then push the Stripper 1031 (Z31) up just enough so the handle starts to turn freely. Keeping the Stripper in this position, tighten the 1003 (Z3) Stripper screw first and then the 1004 (Z4) Trigger screw. Do not over-tighten.



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