Chaos FX Premium Lava Crux Carbon-Core (Tip-Turn Release)



  • Premium Lava Crux® arrow shaft has solid carbon core wrapped in fiberglass
  • Chaos® FX Barbs pivot to the side to hold the fish with a 1” x .875” holding area
  • Cyclone® tip spiraled flutes force slight turn on impact and aid in self-tightening. Also has standard ¼”-28 thread
  • Turn tip a few turns to release the fish
  • 5/16” diameter shaft, 32” in length
  • EverGlide® Safety Slide® is installed
  • Ready-to-shoot
  • Made in the USA

WARNING – California Prop 65


Looking for the best? The Lava Crux® premium shaft with Chaos® FX tip is fully-assembled and ready-to-shoot. The Lava Crux® is an AMS exclusive arrow shaft that consists of a solid carbon core wrapped with high grade fiberglass. This combination creates an arrow with more spine for nearly perfect arrow flight. Those shooting a higher draw weight will appreciate a more stable, accurate shot.

This shaft coupled with the Chaos® FX point make a great combination for all shooters, including those that shoot at a lower draw weight. They have a super short body and two heavy-duty, rounded wire barbs that make a small entry hole and engage with minimal penetration. Barbs pivot to the side to hold the fish with a 1” x .875” holding area.

Made in the USA!

Additional information

Release Method


Number Of Barbs


Holding Power

1 – 1.5 inches

Arrow Shaft Material

Premium Carbon Core

Good For:

All Species & Sizes, Carp, Buffalo & Similar Species, Gar

Arrow & Points Type

Complete Arrows