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AnKor® QT (Shaft-Turn Release)

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  • 3 super strong, heat-treated (hardened) barbs provide a 2” diameter holding area when engaged with a fish
  • Barbs collapse on the shot for maximum penetration
  • Cyclone® spiraled replaceable tip with standard ¼”-28 thread
  • Quick shaft-turn, slime-free barb release. Turn shaft a few turns to release
  • Solid fiberglass, 5/16” diameter shaft, 32” in length
  • AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® already installed
  • Ready-to-shoot
  • Made in the USA

WARNING – California Prop 65

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The AnKor® QT is a premium bowfishing point equipped with quick shaft-turning, slime-free barb release. It has superior holding power thanks to triple (3) barbs and a 2” diameter holding area when engaged in a fish. The short body and three collapsing barbs make an exceptionally small entry hole on the shot and offer maximum penetration. Just turn the arrow shaft a few turns when the point is engaged and the barbs will release. This arrow is completely assembled and ready-to-shoot. The EverGlide® Safety Slide® system is also fully installed.  Just tie your line to the slide and go shoot some fish!

Each and every AMS branded arrow is inspected for elite-level straightness. Our shafts are glossy smooth, extremely straight and ultra-durable. Points are pinned directly to the shaft for maximum security. Each arrow shaft is 5/16” diameter and 32” in length. An EverGlide® Safety Slide® is installed on every arrow.

Made in the USA!

Additional information

Point Material

Stainless Steel


348 Grains

Inside Diameter

5/16 Inches

Barb Length

3/4 inch

Engaged Holding Area

1 Inch With 7/8 Inch Pivot

Penetration to Engage

2 1/8 Inches

Release Method


Number Of Barbs


Holding Power

2 – 2.5 inches

Arrow Shaft Material


Good For:

All Species & Sizes, Carp, Buffalo & Similar Species

Arrow & Points Type

Complete Arrows

4 reviews for AnKor® QT (Shaft-Turn Release)

  1. Caleb C. (verified owner)

    This is my favorite type of arrow to use. The point can still be in the fish and with a simple turn, the barbs release the fish.

  2. TIMOTHY MARTIN (verified owner)

    They work great and I don’t want to use anything else.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I haven’t used the arrow yet, but I can say the ordering process was very easy and not my first time.

  4. Nathalie Schliem (verified owner)

    My favorite arrows! These works awesome and easy to take fish off!

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