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Tie Off Button

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Our new Tie off button/washer replaces the 2 piece Tie off button and washer and is used to secure the bowfishing line to the bottom of the Retriever bottle.

Part #1033 (Z33-BLK)

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WARNING – California Prop 65


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How to knot the line to the Tie off button/washer:
Unscrew the bottle from the reel and take any remaining line out of the bottle. To reinstall, take the end of the bowfishing line and begin at the mouth of the Retriever putting 8 inches through the reel body. Now straighten the line and send it through the mouth of the bottle and into the center hole found at the bottom. With the narrow end of the tie off button/washer facing the bottle, continue the line through the tie off button/washer and pull 5” of line past the button. Double back the line and using both pieces, tie an overhand knot as close to the button as possible. Grab the line at the top of the bottle and pull the knot, line and tie off button/washer back into the hole.  Re-attach the bottle to the reel and tighten it completely. Then reel in the remaining line. 

2 reviews for Tie Off Button

  1. Carmen M. (verified owner)

    Could of used the one that was in my small bottle but all good.

  2. William Nagel (verified owner)

    I have used the AMS for six years bow in Washington in pot hole bow fish for Carp. I very satisfied with equipment. It trouble free.

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