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The Stripper is the cone-shaped part that connects the bottle cap to the body of the Retriever and guides the bowfishing line into the bottle. It also includes a built-in spring that pushes the Trigger Assembly upward when not in use. The Stripper, part #1031 (Z31) is used on all Retrievers, but is cut or “slotted” when used in Big Game Retrievers and becomes part 1040 (Z40).

WARNING – California Prop 65


This item: Stripper
1 × Bottle Cap


If you notice line coming out in front of the bottle, your stripper needs adjustment not replacement. To adjust your Stripper 1031 (Z31), loosen but do not remove the screw above it 1004 (Z4), Trigger Screw, and below it 1003 (Z3), Stripper Screw. Push the Stripper 1031 (Z31) downward toward the bottom of the Retriever body until the handle won’t turn. Then push the Stripper 1031 (Z31) up just enough so the handle starts to turn freely. Keeping the Stripper in this position, tighten the 1003 (Z3) Stripper screw first and then the 1004 (Z4) Trigger screw. Do not over-tighten. Made in America!

3 reviews for Stripper

  1. Alexander K. (verified owner)

    Was the correct piece and it came quick!

  2. Franklin Williams (verified owner)

    Great bow , great service

  3. Matthew N. (verified owner)

    I had a very old retriever that had a broken stripper. I used tape, glue, and anything else I could think of to keep the bottle on, but nothing worked. I ordered the part not sure if it would fix it, but it did. Easy to install and ready to go in 15 minutes! I wish I would have bought the part years ago.

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