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Fiberglass White


AMS fiberglass shafts are glossy smooth, super-straight and ultra-durable! You’ll find that they are the straightest, best quality shafts on the market! Each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness and only the straightest shafts are used! Each shaft is 5/16” in diameter and 32” long. This complete, ready to shoot arrow will also include the patented AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® system installed to the shaft. (US Patent 6,517,453).

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AnKor® FX ( 3 Mechanical Barbs | Tip-Turn Release ), AnKor® QT ( 3 Mechanical Barbs | Turn Shaft Release ), Chaos® XL Arrows ( 2 Long Pivoting Barbs | Tip-Turn Release ), Chaos® FX ( 2 Pivoting Barbs | Tip-Turn Release ), Chaos® QT ( 2 Fixed Barbs | Turn Shaft Release )