Chaos FX Big Game Crossbow Bolt

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Big Game bolts are meant to be used on alligator, shark or other similar game. By using our special system, you’ll tie a section of line to a small ring on the bolt and tie the end of the line to the point. This method allows the line to remain tied securely to the point if the target breaks your bolt.

The Big Game arrow comes equipped with our AMS engineered and manufactured, best-selling, Chaos® FX point! With its vibration dampening AMS Cyclone® tip, super short body, heavy gauge wire barbs and stainless steel construction, the Chaos® FX ensures a lifetime of durability and strength. The Chaos® FX point is great for all aquatic animals, shallow water and all types of shooters. Its short length and narrow barbs require minimal penetration to engage the barbs. The barbs pivot to the side to hold and release by loosening the tip.

Please Note: These are Big Game bolts where the point is permanently attached to the shaft. In the past we’ve suggested using a BreakAway bolt when bowfishing for big game.  However, we have found that the Big Game bolts are even better.  They are simple to set-up, easier to shoot, and more user-friendly while providing the same end result, a gator in your boat.  We recommend what we prefer to use, and we’ve learned that the simplicity and benefits of standard Big Game bolts out-weigh those of the BreakAway when going for big game.

We use the rings on the Big Game bolts and all crossbow bolts, because they are specially rigged so that the stop-screw clears the retention spring on the crossbow and they are easier to tie off to when tying both to the point and the ring in Big Game situations.

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4 reviews for Chaos FX Big Game Crossbow Bolt

  1. Malcolm Rowzee (verified owner)

    AMS best system on the market!

  2. Brian Garriga (verified owner)

    Never recieved it

  3. Alyssa Bender (store manager)

    Hey Brian,

    I am showing it is en route to the final destination. You should be seeing it in the next couple of days.

  4. Samie Beard (verified owner)

    Perfect, just what I was wanting in a crossbow fishing bolt! I expect in just a few weeks to tag a couple alligators. The price was right and delivered when said it would arrive. Thanks AMS!!

  5. Jeffrey B. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and strong and accurate

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