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AnKor® QT point

The AnKor® QT has all of the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. With its AMS Cyclone® tip, a short body, stamped triple barbs and stainless steel construction, the AnKor® QT is the ultimate bowfishing point! Its barbs are collapsed on the shot and provide a small entry hole for great penetration. When engaged in the fish, the three barbs spread to 2” of holding area. Its best feature is its ability to release fish by turning the shaft. The AnKor® QT is great for all fish but is exceptional for softer fleshed or larger fish due to great penetration and holding power. Fish removal is amazingly simple! Even if the point is inside the fish, just make a couple quick turns of the shaft for the barbs to release the fish!

WARNING – California Prop 65


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2 reviews for Ankor® QT Points

  1. smallgameztip

    I have 4 arrows with these tips
    Extremely easy and fast removal from fish
    They aren’t as wide of barbs as some other tips I have but I have never lost a fish with this tips, these are my go to tips

  2. Zack Faller (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these points for a couple years
    Very easy to use with very quick release, my go to points

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