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Ankor® FX (Tip-Turn Release)



  • Ankor® FX is fully machined from high-grade stainless steel
  • 3 super strong, heat treated (hardened) barbs are stamped and pinned to the point body
    • Utilizes the AMS Cyclone® tip
      • Machined stainless steel
      • Revolutionary spiraled flutes force slight turn on impact and aid in self-tightening
      • Heat-treated for durability and strength
      • ¼”-28 thread
  • (3) Triple barbs collapse on the shot for ease of entry and open when engaged with a fish to 2 ½” diameter holding area.
  • Loosen tip several turns so barbs can flip back to release fish
  • Standard ¼”-28 thread
  • Made in the USA

WARNING – California Prop 65

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The AnKor® FX is a premium bowfishing point that has superior holding power thanks to triple (3) barbs and a large surface area for holding fish. The short body and three collapsing barbs make an exceptionally small entry hole on the shot and offer industry-leading penetration. When engaged with a fish, the barbs open to a 2 ½” diameter holding area. To remove from a fish, simply push the point all the way through the fish and loosen the tip a few turns. This will allow the barbs to roll forward, and you can pull the arrow right back through the fish. Points are pinned directly to the shaft for maximum security.

AMS points are unbeatable. Each point has unique characteristics, but rest assured, any of our points will secure your arrow in a fish. Our points and tips are machined from high-grade stainless steel and fully manufactured at our facility in Stratford, Wisconsin. Our revolutionary Cyclone® tips have spiraled flutes that force a slight turn on impact. This offers better penetration and aids in self-tightening. Tips are heat-treated to the optimal level to ensure longtime durability in the field.

Made in the USA!

Additional information

Arrow & Points Type

Points Only

Release Method


Number Of Barbs


Holding Power

2 – 2.5 inches

Good For:

All Species & Sizes


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