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Retriever® TNT

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  • ALWAYS FREE-SPOOLING: No buttons to push, just draw and shoot
  • LINE STACKS IN A BOTTLE: Freely deploys on the shot with zero-drag
  • SIMPLE RETRIEVE: Just pull a lever with index finger of bow hand and crank to retrieve
  • 4.3:1 GEAR RATIO: Retrieves 27” of line per crank
  • LINE INSTALLED: 35 yards of 350# test, ultra-thin Spectra braid

Take it to the next level with the TNT – An upgrade of our best-selling Retriever® Pro, the TNT offers faster retrieval, stronger line and more of it, and a longer handle for more fish handling torque. You’ll be amazed at the difference in speed.

WARNING – California Prop 65

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SIMPLE TO USE WITH NO BUTTONS TO PUSH: Unlike most other reels, Retriever® reels are always ready to shoot. They’re always in free-spool mode. Just draw and shoot!

ZERO DRAG: The line is stacked in a bottle rather than wound on a drum or spool so there is no drag on the line when it’s shot. The line freely spools out of the bottle on the shot and on the retrieve just stacks right back in. Just pull a lever with the index finger of your bow hand to retrieve.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Machined brass gears, stainless steel hardware and corrosion resistant housing ensure long life in fresh or saltwater. Retriever® reels are built to take the abuse of bowfishing and will stand the test of time!

FASTEST RETRIEVE: The Retriever® TNT has an increased gear ratio of 4.3:1 which allows 27” of line to be retrieved per crank.  That coupled with ultra-thin, abrasion resistant line and longer handle make this our premium Retriever®.  You’ll bring more fish into the boat!

EVERGLIDE® SAFETY SLIDE®: Because safety is paramount, every Retriever® includes an AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® tied to the end of the line. Never tie your line to the tail of an arrow (regardless of reel used)! Use the AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® on every arrow, every time!

4 IN 1 MOUNT: Mounts to bows sight holes with an integrated, 4-way adjustable mount that allows location adjustment of the reel forward, back, up, and down. It also conveniently functions as an arrow quiver and stores three tips and hex wrenches commonly needed in the field (patent pending).

TRIGGER GUARD: This rubber sleeve adds comfort to the trigger. But, more importantly, it’s a safety device to lengthen the trigger to prevent line from entangling with it.

AMERICAN MADE in Stratford, Wisconsin USA.

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11 reviews for Retriever® TNT

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Super Quick Retrieval! I shot the retriever pro for a long time and loved it. After trying the Tournament Series Retriever I will never go back to the pro. The Tournament Series is well worth the additional cost to retrieve your arrows faster. These retrievers are also great for younger kids starting out since they don’t have to remember to press any buttons before shooting.

  2. Adam Hall (verified owner)

    GREAT! Been using same reel now for 2 years has always worked great plan on putting it to work this weekend.

  3. Brian (verified owner)

    Tourney Pro Retriever I cant say enough good about the Tourney Pro Retriever! I’ve used AMS retrievers for years and as soon as the Tourney Pro came out i HAD to try it, and i LOVE IT!!! It’s a game changer!! It’s soooo fast! LOVE IT!

  4. HillJackJDS (verified owner)

    This reel offers nearly zero resistance line release and allows users to retrieve at a 4.3:1 ratio that can dance the arrow on plane back to the boat. This reel is possibly more expensive than spinners, but will serve you with years of reliable use, and will cost you less money, less downtime, and fewer frustrations making it well worth the few extra dollars that you might spend up front. We take a lot of beginners bowfishing. We have yet to have anybody, new or not, break any one of our Retrievers, and we’re proud of that! There’s no complicated instructions to use or easy to forget buttons to push. The Retriever is easily adjusted to fit your hand and your bow. It removes easily for transportation and its base serves as a convenient one arrow quiver between fishing venues. Oh, and figure in the cost of a good reel seat if you’re buying a spinner; you won’t need that with a Retriever–it comes with everything you need to fit most bows.

  5. ReeseB (verified owner)

    Fast, smooth and reliable. Bar none the most reliable reel in the sport of bowfishing. Bigger brass gears makes retrieval of an arrow or fish a breeze! This reel right here is worth every penny. Throw it in the fish barrel, on the floor, at the bottle of the lake, this AMS Retriever is meant to last!

  6. Richard (verified owner)

    Great reel This reel is smooth and a fast retrieving reel. Wouldn’t use anything else.

  7. LakeHunter (verified owner)

    Strong and dependable. This retriever is the best I’ve ever used. Zero drag and super fast retrieval of the line get you ready faster for that next shot. I’ve been shooting the same retriever for 3 years now and it’s still going strong!

  8. Loveless (verified owner)

    New Version of a Winner!! I have been using AMS bottle reels since I first started bowfishing over 25 years ago. These newest versions have been improved in virtually every way. One thing is for sure, the bottle reel is tough and will not let you down on a big fish. I can honestly say that i have never had a bottle reel to break while I was using it and that means it’s very RUGGED!!

  9. Becky (verified owner)

    Excellent bow fishing reel! The retriever never fails. Shot after shot, it excels with no buttons to remember to push. It is very easy to use!

  10. Mud (verified owner)

    Awesome! The ams retriever pro tournament reel has really helped me in tournaments, with quick retrieval speed I am able to get shots off faster. The durability of my retriever pro tournament reel is unreal. I am a big fish shooter and have never had any trouble getting the fish to the boat.

  11. Jacob Moss (verified owner)

    Excellent will come in major use for this upcoming us open tournament. Better than the not so good quality Cajun reel that came with my bow. Ams is where it’s at.

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