AMS Big Game Kit


Everything you need to get after gators, crocs, sharks, sting rays, alligator, etc.

This all-inclusive Big Game kit includes everything you will need to go aquatic big game hunting with a compound or traditional bow!

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 – AMS Big Game Retriever® Pro with 450# Test Braided Spectra Line
  • 3 – Big Game (NOT BreakAway, see note) Fluorescent Fiberglass Arrow shafts with Chaos® FX Points
  • 2 – AMS Big Game Mega Floats
  • 1 – 25 Yard Spool of 450 Pound Braided Spectra Line

WARNING – California Prop 65


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Use the Big Game Retriever® when your game might pull you overboard! It allows the end of your line to pull free from the AMS Retriever® while tied off to a tracking float or deep-sea bait casting rod and reel. Follow the float to retrieve your game!

This kit includes the Big Game Retriever Pro, an extra spool of 450# line, 3 Big Game (NOT BreakAway) arrows, and two floats (the extra float is for re-rigging in the field after the prey is hit with the first shot).

Please Note: This kit includes our preferred Big Game arrows.  In the past we’ve suggested using a BreakAway arrow when bowfishing for big game.  However, we have found that the Big Game arrows are even better.  They are simple to set-up, easier to shoot, and more user-friendly while providing the same end result.  A Gator in your boat.  We recommend what we prefer to use and we’ve learned that the simplicity and benefits of a standard Big Game arrow out-weigh those of the BreakAway when going for big game.

We use the rings on the Big Game arrows because they are easier to tie to when also tying to the point.  They are a substitute for the EverGlide® Safety Slide® tied to the reel.  Save the slide and associated parts in the hardware packet for later use on standard 5/16″ bowfishing arrows.

Rigging the Big Game Arrows:

You’ll need to start at the back of the arrow by tying to the ring and then work forward to the point, following these directions.

  • For Arrows, measure in about 39” from the end of your line.  (6”-7” more than the length of your arrow.)
  • At this point tie your line to the ring loosely with a double knot. You’ll need to adjust up any slack by adjusting the location of the final knot later.
  • Slide the ring and knot to the tail of the arrow.  Hold it there while extending the the line over the point.
  • Form a 3” loop at the beginning of the line and tie off.
  • Feed the loop through the point and bring it over the tip of the arrow and snug up so the line is tightly secured around the body of the point.
  • Check the location of the ring or loop at the tail of the arrow.
  • The ring must be able to contact the screw when the rig is complete.
    • If the ring cannot contact the screw due to the line being tied too short, loosen the knot at the ring and pull extra line so you can get the length you need.  You want the line from the point stretched so the ring can touch the screw while the line is snug against the arrow shaft.
    • Control excessive slack by loosening the knot on the ring and repositioning knot/ring while adjusting out the slack.  You want the line from the point stretched so the ring can touch the screw while the line is snug against the arrow shaft.

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