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AMS Bowfishing
-February Update-

We like to think that Cupid’s arrow was actually an AMS Bowfishing arrow, and he was shooting carp because he LOVED bowfishing so much. That may be a little bit of a stretch, but many bowfishers do fall in love with the sport and obsess over it just as much as any other outdoor activity. In many states, there are fish to be shot year long. This February time frame is also a great time period to learn more about what exactly bowfishing is, and how important it is in the big scheme of things. When we explain to individuals how damaging carp can be to a body of water, they are often intrigued. This seems to be forgotten by many outdoorsmen. Bowfishermen and women do nothing but help natural game fish by removing harmful invasive species from native game fish habitat. We have tons of videos and information on topics just like these available for you on our social media pages.