AMS Bowfishing
-September Update-

September 17th, 2018 was a day that I (Your dealer portal writer, Derrick) will remember forever. I was woken up in the wee hours of the morning by a phone call from one of my close bowfishing friends. It was a short phone call, filled with excitement. I could hear the outboard motor running in the background as my buddy only had these words to say to me; “We’re on our way back to the launch and we don’t have a scale. We NEED a scale. Meet us in the Wal-Mart parking lot ASAP.” I immediately understood the importance of the situation. I grabbed the Canon camera and a scale, and jumped into my truck. Waiting for me was a fish of a caliber I had never seen before. A MAMMOTH, unreal looking 84 lb. Buffalo. We took pictures and video, and that fish ended up being (for a short time) the Wisconsin bowfishing record Buffalo.
I tell this story to prove a point. While many outdoorsmen begin to shift their brains to whitetail season during the month of September, fall time bowfishing can be absolutely spectacular. Not only can normal bowfishing be great, but gator season is also opening up in many states. Last September, two of the ladies here at AMS embarked on a gator journey down in Florida. They were BOTH successful, of course using their
AMS big game equipment to efficiently get the job done. Whatever the time of year, and whatever you are looking to target, AMS and MegaMouth are the only companies DEDICATED to bowfishing ONLY. When it comes to bowfishing, if AMS or MegaMouth doesn’t sell it, YOU DON’T NEED IT!
If you have ANY questions about products, bowfishing, or just want to share some awesome bowfishing pictures, we are just one email or phone call away.
Happy September, best of luck on the water, and thank you for being one of our highly valued customers.