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June 25, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

Recapping the AMS Big 20 and Jarred Ashmore Youth Tourney

In this episode we talk about the AMS Big 20 tourney as it was another one for the books. 100 teams competed this year with some giant common carp were brought in to weigh ins. Then we discuss the Jarred Ashmore Youth Tournament that took place in Kentucky. 194 kiddos competed.

June 6, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

We are back!!!!!!! My computer took a dump……

In this episode we talk about shooting buffs, commons, shooting tournaments, Kids bowfishing day, and the upcoming AMS Big 20

April 29, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

To Spawn or not to Spawn, Goofy weather!!!!!

In this episode we discuss a few outings we have had on the water here in Wisconsin the past couple weeks and we took out a newbie, Pastor Zach and he loved it.

April 2, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

Finally got out and shot some fish!!!!!

We talk about the upcoming BPS US Open Bowfishing Tourney and the night we had on the water sticking fish.

March 11, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

Bowfishing Stories… DUCK DUCK and the 87 pound Buff

Bowfishing stories..DUCK DUCK, Stalking Alligators, First Bighead, Frozen, Fish Palooza, and the 87 pound Smallmouth Buff.

February 22, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

Tournament Talk 2.0

Part 2 of Bowfishing Tournament Talk. 2019 Tournaments, Tournament Stories, Kid Tournaments.

February 6, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

Bowfishing Tournament talk with Jody Bigalke

Wisconsin Bowfishing Association VP Jody Bigalke joins us to discuss how he got started shooting in bowfishing tournaments and how he competes these days. Jody is the 2018 WBA Big 30 team of the year captain.

January 22, 2019     |     AMS Bowfishing

Bowfishing addiction and how we got started.

Bowfishing is addicting. In this episode we tell you how we got started in Bowfishing.

January 18, 2019     |     Mathew Schillinger and D-Schmidty

What is AMS Bowfishing, ATA New Products, State Record Buffalo

In this episode we talk about AMS Bowfishing and what we are all about. New AMS products at this years ATA show and a little story of a WI State record Buffalo. Enjoy!