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AMS Retriever® TNT with 350lb Line

Product Review (submitted on March 8, 2017):
This reel offers nearly zero resistance line release and allows users to retrieve at a 4.3:1 ratio that can dance the arrow on plane back to the boat. This reel is possibly more expensive than spinners, but will serve you with years of reliable use, and will cost you less money, less downtime, and fewer frustrations making it well worth the few extra dollars that you might spend up front. We take a lot of beginners bowfishing. We have yet to have anybody, new or not, break any one of our Retrievers, and we're proud of that! There's no complicated instructions to use or easy to forget buttons to push. The Retriever is easily adjusted to fit your hand and your bow. It removes easily for transportation and its base serves as a convenient one arrow quiver between fishing venues. Oh, and figure in the cost of a good reel seat if you're buying a spinner; you won't need that with a Retriever--it comes with everything you need to fit most bows.