AMS Fish Hawk® Bow Kit

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AMS Fish Hawk® Bow Kit

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The AMS Fish Hawk® is the best-selling, most versatile, user-friendly bowfishing bow on the market! With a 30-40 pound draw weight, the Fish Hawk® line of bowfishing bows, by AMS Bowfishing®, have proven themselves on millions of fish!

Our AMS Retriever® Pro series reel and the AMS Tidal Wave® arrow rest are installed on the bow for you. This AMS Bowfishing exclusive comes in a Blue KOI Carp Camo pattern with matching string. Also included is a matching blue, color-infused, koi carp camo fiberglass arrow with AMS Chaos® point and Safety Slide® installed.

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1 - B200 Fish Hawk® Bow with blue Koi Carp Camo
1 - 610 AMS Retriever® Pro Reel 
     •  With 200 Pound Dacron Line
1 - A203-BLU Fiberglass Arrow 
     •  Exclusive Infused Blue Koi Carp Camo
     •  Chaos® Point with Cyclone® Tip
1 - M152 AMS Tidal Wave® Arrow Rest
1 - AMS Bowfishing DVD
1 - Set Nock Point on String - Tuned to Arrow Rest

Fish Hawk® Bow Features Fish Hawk® Specifications

• Super Tough
• Lightweight
• Minimal Finger Pinch
• Single Cam Simplifies Tuning
• Smooth Draw and Release

• Draw weight: 30-40 pounds
• Draw length: 15"- 30"
• Axle-to-axle: 35 1/2"
• Brace height: 7 3/4"
• Weight: 3.52 pounds
• Approximate let-off: 20%
• String Length: 94 3/4"
• Power Cable Length: 37 1/2"

Made in the USA