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  1. E-Rad® Tournament Series Bow Kit

    Bowfishing is a lifestyle that anyone can enjoy. With this idea in mind we partnered with Quest Archery to design the all new Eradicator, E-Rad®, bow! With a draw weight range from 30-60 pounds and our new Phaze cams you are guaranteed a silky smooth draw cycle that any shooter will love. This bow features a machined aluminum riser that is lightweight and stiff enough to meet demands for higher performance. The AMS E-Rad® bow is made to take on the waters and become part of your lifestyle.

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  2. The Juice™ Bow Kit

    Get The Juice™ by AMS Bowfishing® and Quest Archery! Good things come in small packages and The Juice™ is no exception! This short stack of a bow is blazing bright and just a spunky, fun bow to shoot! With the complete Juice™ package, this setup is tough to beat! This bow has exclusive features all its own!

    Smooth Draw and Simple to Adjust
    The Juice™ is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come and really packs a punch! It offers a 15–50 pound draw weight and a 17½"–30" draw length. It even allows adjustment of draw length without a bow press in ½” increments! This bow also offers 60–80% let-off so you can wait for the perfect shot.

    Dual Muck Buster™ Line Pullers
    Limb bolt line pullers…What? You bet! These handy, patent pending, Muck Busters™ assist in the quick, easy retrieval of arrows stuck in the weeds, mud or muck, without cutting your hands! Simply wrap the line around one of the Muck Busters™ and pull back with the bow to get your arrow!

    Just Plain Cool
    With its blazing bright orange accents and powder coated aluminum riser, this bow is a Gotta Have for every bowfisher!

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  3. Water Moc™ Bow Kit

    Change up your game with the AMS exclusive Water Moc™ recurve bow! This sleek, curvy, take down recurve will truly hone your instinctive shooting skills! When you’re ready to hit the water, set yourself up with the complete Water Moc™ kit and stick some fish, retro-style!

    Made for Life on the Water
    The Water Moc™ was made for life on the water! It has a sleek black, water resistant seal over fully laminated limbs to ensure long life in wet environments.

    Quick Take Down
    Pack it away in your truck for those unexpected opportunities! Simply take this bow down by removing the string. Then remove the limbs by removing the thumb screws.

    Lightweight Magnesium Riser
    Sleek, stylish and lightweight, the Water Moc™ features an AMS designed magnesium riser with AMS exclusive, green koi accents and the AMS stamp of approval!

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  4. SwampIt® Bow Kit

    Regular Price: $429.99

    Special Price $349.99

    The SwampIt® Bow Kit by AMS Bowfishing is the ultimate BIG FISH setup. Our AMS Retriever® Pro series reel and the AMS Tidal Wave® arrow rest are installed on the bow for you. This AMS Bowfishing exclusive comes in a Swamp Green KOI Carp Camo pattern with matching string.

    The 40-50# SwampIt® has dual cams for extra power for shooting bigger fish at further distances. All stainless steel components ensure corrosion free life.

    Matching AMS String Things® finger tabs can be installed for an additonal charge.

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  5. AMS Fish Hawk® Bow Kit

    Regular Price: $379.99

    Special Price $299.99

    The AMS Fish Hawk® is the best-selling, most versatile, user-friendly bowfishing bow on the market! With a 30-40 pound draw weight, the Fish Hawk® line of bowfishing bows, by AMS Bowfishing®, have proven themselves on millions of fish!

    Our AMS Retriever® Pro series reel and the AMS Tidal Wave® arrow rest are installed on the bow for you. This AMS Bowfishing exclusive comes in a Blue KOI Carp Camo pattern with matching string.

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  6. AMS Jr Hawk® Bow Kit in Koi Carp Camo

    Regular Price: $424.99

    Special Price $299.99

    Whether you're a young shooter or someone shooting a lot of smaller fish for a numbers tournament, the AMS Jr. Hawk® can get the job done! A light draw weight and the ability to penetrate makes it an outstanding bowfishing bow!

    The perfect youth bow as well as a proven bow for tournament "numbers" shooters.

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