AnKor® FX Point with Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Shaft

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AnKor® FX Point with Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Shaft

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The AMS Lava Crux™ is the ultimate arrow shaft! It is an AMS engineered, patent pending, arrow shaft that provides more spine for a superior shot. The ultra-light Lava Crux™ carbon core with fiberglass wrapped exterior ensures that the carbon cannot splinter or break! Due to the controlled manufacturing process, the weight and straightness of each shaft is very consistent with the next. Even with our stringent straightness specs on our arrows, the Lava Crux™ surpasses all! We recommend these arrows for those shooting at higher draw weight and for those wanting to use the best available arrow shafts. Each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness and is 5/16” in diameter and 32” long. 

The patented AMS AnKor® FX, with its vibration dampening AMS Cyclone® tip, has all the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. Its lightweight design, stainless steel construction, collapsed barbs and short body offer great penetration. The AnKor® FX is great for all fish but is exceptional for softer fleshed or larger fish due to its great penetration and holding power. The barbs are collapsed on the shot allowing the smallest entry hole possible. When engaged in the fish, three barbs spread to 2.5” of holding area. Fish removal is simple, just loosen the tip a couple turns to flip the barbs. There’s no need to completely remove the tip. (US Patent 9,146,085).



Point - P906
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 271 Grains
Inside Diameter: 5/16 Inches
Number of Barbs: 3
Barb Length: 1 Inch
Engaged Holding Area: 2 1/2 Inches in Diameter
Penetration to Engage: 2 1/8 Inches
Entry Hole: 3/4 Inch in Diameter
Adhesive: 2-Part Epoxy

Shaft – AS699
Material: Fiberglass, Carbon
Spine: 210
Weight*: 1175 Grains
Length: 32 Inches
Diameter: 5/16 Inches
Nock Adhesive: Super Glue or 2-Part Epoxy
Color: Yellow

*weight includes nock

Complete Arrow with Safety Slide System
Weight: 1481 Grains


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Ankor FX
I have used alot of different tips. And have to say these tips have the best bite i have seen. Even when the tip does not penetrate all the way through the 3 barbs still open within the fish. We have yet to have one get off, saltwater or freshwater. Review by Gene / (Posted on 6/11/2017)
This thing is a BEAST!!!
The Ankor has the holding power and the Lava Crux delivers it with brutal toughness and accuracy! If you are looking for top quality all out holding power and a very high quality shaft that you can depend on, well here it of the best right here! Review by Brian / (Posted on 3/9/2017)
ankor fx point is a winner
I used these points last year with great success. They fly great, penetrate great and hold fast to the target. These points are solid! Review by Loveless / (Posted on 3/9/2017)
Great solid shooting arrow with superior holding point
This arrow is solid and durable and when combined with the Ankor FX it offers superior hold. For added penetration we like to add the RIPZ tip. Review by Becky / (Posted on 3/9/2017)
The ankor fx point combined with the lava crux arrow is a deadly combination, I have yet to break one of these arrows and that's with 50 plus pound fish. And the ANKOR FX will hold on to any fish you shoot with with it even those monster bighead carp. Review by mud / (Posted on 3/8/2017)