3-Barb Grapple Point with Carbon Spined® Shaft

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3-Barb Grapple Point with Carbon Spined® Shaft

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These AMS developed, carbon spined®, shafts are fiberglass cored with five sections of carbon fiber. These arrows are ultra-straight and have more spine than fiberglass alone. The additional spine provides a more stable, more accurate shot. We recommend these arrows for those shooting at higher draw weights. Each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness and only the straightest shafts are used! Each shaft is 5/16” in diameter and 32” long. This complete, ready to shoot arrow will also include the patented AMS Safety Slide® brand arrow slide system installed to the shaft. (US Patent 6,517,453).

The 3 Barb Grapple point is a great, big fish point. Its machined stainless steel body with replaceable tip gives you a serious point for holding onto fish. An internal rubber sleeve minimizes loosening of the tip from vibration. The barbs are flat to the body on the shot and spread to over 2.5” of holding area. Release the barbs by completely removing the tip. This point is great for big fish and softer fish like bighead and silvers. It's a bit heavier than most tips so it works best for those with heavier draw weights. The barbs release by completely removing its tip.



Point - P925-3
Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 421 Grains
Inside Diameter: 5/16 Inch
Number of Barbs: 3
Length of Barbs: 1 1/8 Inches
Engaged Holding Area: 2 3/4 Inches
Penetration to Engage: 2 1/2 Inches
Entry Hole: 3/4 Inches in Diameter
Adhesive: 2-Part Epoxy

Shaft – AS399
Material: Fiberglass, Carbon
Spine: 235
Weight*: 1175 Grains
Length: 32 Inches
Diameter: 5/16 Inches
Nock Adhesive: Super Glue or 2-Part Epoxy
Color: Yellow & Black

*weight includes nock

Complete Arrow with Safety Slide System
Weight: 1631Grains